블라디보스톡의 새로운 상징 New symbol of the Vladivostok

The mega hotel of Vladivostok will become the symbol of Vladivostok. Siberian crossing It is 12 km from the train station, the starting point for the train, and 15 minutes bybus. Opened on the fifth floor in October 2019, it is located in a quiet and comfortable place to travel and relax. About 100 people are available in 44 rooms on 2 floors and 3 rooms for 3 people.
The Mega Hotel features a restaurant, comfortable café, air conditioning, comfortable rooms, family rooms, seminar rooms, toiletries, slippers, refrigerator, WI-FI and bottled water. I've done my best to make Vladivostok feel more comfortable. Breakfast is available at the restaurant and can be enjoyed for lunch and dinner. There is also a spacious space for families and acquaintances. We will do our best for you to stay and relax in Vladivostok. Thank you.


“메가호텔의 전 객실타입은 스탠다드입니다.” “All room types at Mega Hotel are standard.”


메가 호텔은 고객님의 편의를 위한 여러 시설을 갖추고 있습니다.
침대, 책상, 의자, 냉장고, 전기포트, 세면용품, 수건, 레스토랑, 24시간 리셉션, 헤어 드라이기, 주차장, WI-FI 등 여러 시설을 편하게 사용 하실 수 있습니다.
Mega Hotel has several facilities for your convenience.
Bed, desk, chair, refrigerator, electric kettle, toiletries, towels, restaurant, 24-hour reception, hair dryer, parking, WI-FI and more.

Check-In: 15:00~23:59 / Check-Out: 12:00 WI-FI /24H / CHECK-IN/ CHECK-OUT /BREAKFAST / FOOD/DRINKS




  • ADDRESS11a, Makovskogo,Vladivostok, Russia


  • Revolution Square : 11.2 km (22 minutes)
  • Arc de Triomphe : 11 km (21 minutes)
  • Eagle Lookout: 9.4 km (13 minutes)
  • Arbat Street: 11.6 km (25 minutes)
  • Ruski island : 42.7 km (1 hour)
  • Vladivostok airport: 39 km (35 minutes)
  • Vladivostok Train Station: 12 km (20 minutes)